Yemen Entrepreneurs Foundation

ROWAD Foundation is a Non-profit organization that focuses on supporting Yemeni Entrepreneurs and promoting Entrepreneurship in Yemen.

Who We Are?

Founded in 2013 in Sana’a, Yemen; Rowad started by a few Yemeni entrepreneurs who sought the need for serious efforts to engage Yemeni young businessmen/businesswomen and entrepreneurs in a constructive way to create an encouraging and productive Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Yemen. Since then, Rowad grew to be one of the most active, and most effective organizations working in the business development and entrepreneurship areas in Yemen.

Rowad Foundation is based in Sana’a, and our activities cover the whole country.

Rowad Mission

ROWAD mission is to create a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in Yemen.

A mission that requires introducing the different pillars of the ecosystem to the Yemeni Scene starting from creating awareness around the importance of Entrepreneurship to Yemen’s economy, providing structures and channels that local and international Investors and Venture Capitalists (VSc) could trust and work with, creating success
stories and support networks, as well as engaging the government to create startup friendly policies.