Rowad Business Coaches

Rowad efforts to help Yemeni startups are supported by an amazing team of highly qualified business coaches who are committed to contribute to the improvement of Yemen’s economy by guiding and mentoring Yemeni young entrepreneurs and business owners

Dr. Sharaf Al-Kebsi

Dr. Sharaf co-founded the Yemen Financial Service Company that operates Yemen electronic payment system. He developed retail banking technology research models to develop financial services quality. He obtained his doctor degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, AZ, USA. His MBA and Bachelor degrees from Murray State University, KY, USA.

He is currently a business professor at LIU. Dr. Sharaf has extensive working experience in the banking sector and has planned multimillion dollar projects. His research activities span to cover entrepreneurship, technology, management, and finance.

Tarik Al-Sharafi

Tarik is a Yemeni entreprenuer with extensive experience and background in business growth and development. Tarik holds an MBA, and has started several businesses in the recent years, such as NetExperts, Atmata, DesignExperts, and some others.

Tarik provides consulting services, and mentorship for startups, and has contributed to helping emerging businesses from BlockOne Incubator, and Afkar business competition.

Layla Abdulghani

Layla is partner in Al-Aghbari Law Frim, and holds a master degree in law from Minnesota University in USA. Layla has a great deal of experience in legal procedures and issues related to starting and establishing public and private businesses. She is also experienced in labour issues and in commerce related matters.

Khalil Bawtag

Khalil is a co-founder and managing director of BetaLink Technology which provides IT services and solutions based in Sanaa, Yemen. He holds a Bachelor degree in Information Technology with a Diploma in Business Accounting from La Roche College, Pittsburgh, USA.
He has great experience and knowledge and business developments specially with the financial management.
Khalil has been involved with ROWAD in BlockOne and Afkar competitions. He provides consulting services to startup businesses and specialized in the International Partnership subjects.

Fadi Al-Aswadi

Fadi is a Software Engineer and a Full-Stack Developer and is specialised in Ethical Hacking. Fadi currently works in CAC Bank as the head of technical support and he owns his own startup that focuses on Mobile App Development

Lamya Al-Madhagi

Lamya is a Human Resources Professional focusing on the areas of Organizational & Employee Development, Employee Relations, Training & Development.

Lamya holds a master degree in the field of Information Systems from Jordan University. She is also an SHRM Certified Professional, and Professional in Human Resources-International™ (PHRi™).