ROWAD Projects

Rowad believes in the importance of working closely with the Private Sector and creating networking and funding opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs through local capital. This is reflected on all Rowad projects as highlighted below.

The Talking Business events sponsored by Total E&P Yemen, take place every two months, and hosts successful Yemeni Businessmen to talk about their success stories and share lessons learned with aspiring young entrepreneurs with the aim to transfer knowledge of business know-how and best practices. It also aims to facilitate the creation of core group of Entrepreneurship Champions in Yemen made up of highly successful Yemeni Businessmen, and Entrepreneurs. Rowad has organized 9 events to date, hosting over 500 Yemeni Entrepreneurs.


ROWAD is the implementing partner of UNDP YEEP of the popular Innovation and Creativity Award, Afkar. Afkar Competition is a great opportunity for Yemeni Entrepreneurs to kick-start their business with the Award Money and support that will be provided. This year competition will also encourage Yemeni Entrepreneurs to submit their ideas on effective Solar Energy Solutions. The competition launched was launched in November 2014 and two of its winners are set to join BlockOne Incubator for six months.

ROWAD Foundation kicked off its first business competition for Yemeni entrepreneurs to help young people of Yemen start their own businesses, with the support of the American Embassy in Yemen. The competition engaged aspiring Yemeni entrepreneurs (skilled professionals, fresh graduates, serial entrepreneurs, business degrees graduates) in a rigorous and rewarding experience. A total of 240 applications were accepted through a specific timeframe, and out of those 98 startup ideas were evaluated against a certain criteria to end up with 18 teams (50 entrepreneurs) that were chosen to attend a 3-Day Training Bootcamp that took place in Sana’a. The finalists presented their ideas in front of a panel of leading businessmen and woman, and six teams were chosen to join BlockOne Acceleration program.

Other Projects

BlockOne 1st Entrepreneurship Training Bootcamp

As part of the business competition, ROWAD organized its 1st Entrepreneurship Training Bootcamp for 50 entrepreneurs. The Training Bootcamp focused on strengthening fundamental business & entrepreneurial skills of participants to prepare them for the final stage of the competition. The BlockOne Entrepreneurship Training Bootcamp will be open to Yemeni Entrepreneurs as an independent training program to help entrepreneurs develop their startup ideas with the help of our trainers and mentors..

BlockOne Acceleration Program

Winning Teams from the Business Competition are currently part of our Acceleration Program to provide these startups with the best chances of success. The Acceleration Program provides office space, suitable infrastructure, and seed money to make sure that the entrepreneurs are fully dedicated to building and running their Startups. Moreover, business coaches has been matched with these companies to help them with marketing efforts, financial structuring, and general management of the establishment/growth of the business..