ROWAD Partners with Acacia Foundation

Yemeni Entrepreneurs abroad and locally are active players in their communities, they are eager to contribute to help their community (locally and internationally). ROWAD supported by Acacia Foundation sees the opportunity to open a gate for all entrepreneurs and businessmen to actively have a role to support Yemeni economy.

Acacia Foundation is the CSR arm of Griffin Group. Acacia mainly focuses on preservation of local Yemeni heritage, environment, promotion of arts, cultural awareness and education amongst young youth. This recent cooperation with ROWAD will stretch Acacia foundation’s impact to supporting Yemeni Young Entrepreneurs and Yemen’s economy.

This project is the first cooperation between the two organizations and aims to support Yemeni Entrepreneurs and improve their ability to reach needed resources and cooperate with each other. The project will be launched in the coming few months. This partnership will open the door for a long and fruitful cooperation between the two organizations.

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